Miss Jerry  (1894)

5.5 / 10

The adventures of a female reporter in the 1890s.

Country United States

Genre Romance

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  • Country: United States
  • Runtime: 45min
  • 09 Oct 1894 (United States)


Geraldine (Jerry) Holbrook, a girl of Eastern birth, decides to start a career in journalism in the heart of New York, after she feels that her father is close to a financial crush. In the process she falls in love with the editor of her paper, Mr. Hamilton. After the first successful article, she leads Hamilton into doubting her love for him, and this makes him accept a job in London. But his worries prove wrong when Jerry accepts to marry him and leave to London. Written by Ion Martea

Keywords: reporter, editor, lost film, character name in title

Genres: Romance


Blanche Bayliss Blanche Bayliss MissGeraldineHolbrook(MissJerry)
Alexander Black Alexander Black
Alexander Black Alexander Black
Alexander Black Alexander Black
Alexander Black Alexander Black


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Source: Culture Wars - Essential Films

Author: Ion Martea

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