Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze  (1894)

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A man (Thomas Edison's assistant) takes a pinch of snuff and sneezes. This is one of the earliest Thomas Edison films and was the first motion picture to be copyrighted in the United States.

Country United States

Genre Documentary, Short

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One contemporary account of this two-second film (which was viewed not on a screen but as a film loop in a single-person viewing device) says that it was accompanied by a phonograph recording of a sneeze.

The sneeze itself, probably one of the most historic sneezes in history, took place on January 7, 1894. History does not record of the time of the sneeze, however.

First motion picture with a close-up.

First motion picture to be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

This film was never meant to be shown as a film. It was shot to serve as a chromo-photographic record of a sneeze for an article in Harper's Weekly.


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Languages: None

Release Date: 09 Jan 1894 (United States) See more

Also Known As: HU See more

Filming Locations: Edison Laboratories, West Orange, New Jersey, USA See more