Leah Kleschna  (1913)

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The daughter of a master jewel thief continues his ways, but relents when caught by a man who shows her the error of her ways instead of calling the police. Her reformation is clouded when ...See full summary »

Country United States

Genre Drama, Crime

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Produced as a Broadway play 3 times: in 1904, 1905 and in 1924. (last revival info:) Leah Kleschna (1924). Drama (revival). Written by C.M.S. McLellan. Lyric Theatre: 21 Apr 1924- May 1924 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Katharine Alexander (as "Sophie Chaponniere"), Edith Barker, Ulric Collins, Hal Crane, Arnold Daly (as "Kleschna"), Henry Davies, William Faversham, Helen Gahagan (as "Leah Kleschna"), Mary Hone, Arnold Korff (as "General Berton"), José Ruben (as "Schram"), Lowell Sherman (as "Raoul Berton"). Produced by William A. Brady.


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Languages: English

Release Date: 10 Dec 1913 (United States) See more