Leah Kleschna  (1913)

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The daughter of a master jewel thief continues his ways, but relents when caught by a man who shows her the error of her ways instead of calling the police. Her reformation is clouded when ...See full summary »

Country United States

Genre Drama, Crime

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Release Dates

United States 10 Dec 1913


Hal Clarendon Hal Clarendon Kleschna
Frank Hall Crane Frank Hall Crane RaoulBerton(asFrankH.Crane)
J. Searle Dawley J. Searle Dawley
Anabel Dennison Anabel Dennison Charlotte
Eleanor Flowers Eleanor Flowers Sophie(asElenoreFlowers)
Daniel Frohman Daniel Frohman
Daniel Frohman Daniel Frohman
House Peters House Peters PaulSylvain
Vincent Sternroyd Vincent Sternroyd GeneralBerton
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Languages: English

Release Date: 10 Dec 1913 (United States) See more