Kathleen Mavourneen  (1913)

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Kathleen wishes to marry her sweetheart Terence, but Bernard, the local squire takes a fancy to her and wants to wed her. Kathleen accepts his proposal and the two are married. The rich ...See full summary »

Country United States

Genre Short, Drama

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Release Dates

United States 17 Mar 1913
United Kingdom 19 Apr 1913


Dion Boucicault Dion Boucicault
Charles Brabin Charles Brabin
Charles Brabin Charles Brabin
Mary Fuller Mary Fuller KathleenMavourneen
Gertrude McCoy Gertrude McCoy DorothyKavanagh-Bernard'sSister
Marc McDermott Marc McDermott SquireBernardKavanagh
Augustus Phillips Augustus Phillips TerenceO'Moore-Kathleen'sSweetheart
William West William West DavidO'Connor-Kathleen'sFather
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Languages: English

Release Date: 17 Mar 1913 (United States) See more