It Is Never Too Late to Mend  (1913)

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The village Squire with designs on a village maiden has her suitor falsely imprisoned. " Charles Reade who wrote this book in 1856 so exposed the prevailing conditions in English prisons ...See full summary »

Country United States

Genre Short, Drama

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Release Dates

United States 06 Jan 1913
United Kingdom 22 Mar 1913

Other Titles

United States It's Never Too Late to Mend review title


Harry Beaumont Harry Beaumont Josephs
Robert Brower Robert Brower Hawes
Bigelow Cooper Bigelow Cooper FrancisEden
Walter Edwin Walter Edwin GeorgeFielding
Martin Fuller Martin Fuller Crawley
Mary Fuller Mary Fuller SusanMerton
George Lessey George Lessey GovernmentOfficial
James Levering James Levering Merton'sServant
Charles Ogle Charles Ogle JohnMeadows
Charles Reade Charles Reade
Charles M. Seay Charles M. Seay
Charles M. Seay Charles M. Seay
John Sturgeon John Sturgeon Mr.Merton
William West William West IsaacLevy
Wyatt Burns Wyatt Burns WillFielding
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Languages: English

Release Date: 06 Jan 1913 (United States) See more

Also Known As: US See more