Tables Turned on the Gardener  (1896)

7.2 / 10

A gardener is watering his flowers, when a mischievous boy sneaks up behind his back, and puts a foot on the water hose. The gardener is surprised, and looks into the nozzle to find out why...See full summary »

Country France

Genre Short, Comedy

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Release Dates

France 28 Dec 1895

Other Titles

Brazil O Regador Regado
Czech Republic Pokropený kropic
Germany Der begossene Gärtner
Denmark Gartneren vandes
Spain El Regador Regado complete title
Finland Puutarhuri
France Le jardinier première title
Hungary A megöntözött öntöző
Italy L'innaffiatore annaffiato
Poland Oblany ogrodnik
Russia Политый поливальщик
Sweden Vattnaren bevattnad
United States Tables Turned on the Gardener
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Benoît Duval Benoît Duval TheBoy
Louis Lumière Louis Lumière
Louis Lumière Louis Lumière
Louis Lumière Louis Lumière

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Release Date: 28 Dec 1895 (France) See more

Also Known As: BR See more