Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory  (1895)

6.9 / 10

A man opens the big gates to the Lumière factory. Through the gateway and a smaller doorway beside it, workers are streaming out, turning either left or right. Most of them are women in ...See full summary »

Country France

Genre Documentary, Short

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Release Dates

France 22 Mar 1895
United Kingdom 28 Feb 1896
Uruguay 01 Jul 1896
China 11 Aug 1896
Denmark 22 Mar 1970
Portugal 02 Jan 2011

Other Titles

Argentina La salida de los obreros de la fábrica Lumière
Brazil A Saída dos Operários da Fábrica Lumière
Germany Arbeiter verlassen die Lumière-Werke
Spain La Salida De Los Obreros De La Fábrica Lumière literal translation of working title
Finland Lumière-fabrikens arbetare Swedish title
France La sortie de l'usine Lumière à Lyon poster title
Hungary A munkaidő vége
Italy L'uscita dalle fabbriche Lumière
Poland Wyjscie robotników z fabryki
Russia Выход рабочих с фабрики 'Люмьер'
United States Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory
Uruguay Salida de obreros de la fábrica Lumiere premiere title
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Release Date: 22 Mar 1895 (France) See more

Also Known As: AR See more